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We are here to look after your needs, not our own. However you choose to contact us, we will get back to you as soon as possible.


As standard, we operate two cameras at one time to ensure your wedding is fully covered along with some alternate angles. However, if your wedding is above 100 guests, then we recommend that the 2nd shooter option is added.

As a sound engineer, this is very important to me and I pride myself in attention to detail when it comes to sound. Typically, tiny professional microphones are clipped onto a person’s jacket discretely to pick up speech. These can also be clipped onto a handheld microphone or if a DJ/band is being used, the sound can be taken directly from their system. Additional camera mounted microphones are used for ambient and backup sound.

As long as the photographer is friendly and happy to work with us then it can work really well! We’ve really enjoyed working with photographers at previous weddings and have communicated beforehand to ensure a smooth working relationship.

Weddings can be very long and physically demanding for your suppliers and so food is very much welcomed to ensure we maintain energy levels throughout the day. We do not have any dietary requirements and venues will usually provide a meal for the suppliers.

Absolutely! All of the equipment is insured as well as Public Liability Insurance.

We cover Essex and the surrounding counties within the standard package price. However, we will travel anywhere for an additional fee that covers expenses.

Unfortunately this is not possible due to copyright laws. We are required to pay for copyright free music but don’t worry! We spend hours and hours picking the right song that will suit your wedding day perfectly.

Yes please! We love to meet for a coffee with our clients to get to know them to ensure we’re a right fit for each other. We can meet local to you and if distance is an issue then a zoom call can be arranged also.

The highlight films will run anywhere between 6-9 minutes in length. We think this time is perfect to show all parts of your wedding day and yet not be too long for you for people to lose attention. If the full package is selected, you will also get the full length of the ceremony and speeches to watch separately.

One thing people tend to say to me at weddings is that they did not even know that we were there. We keep equipment compact and dress accordingly to blend in with your wedding. We also do not use any artificial lighting that will create glare or distractions. We have every faith in our equipment to capture your wedding without the need for this. However, we do keep backup lighting in the car just in case!

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