Swing Dance Events

Swing dancing has been one of my top passions from the moment I started my very first Lindy Hop lesson in early 2017. As the years passed, the passion grew into other forms of dancing such as Shag, Charleston, Blues and Balboa. As much as I love dancing these, they all have one thing in common that I love even more, the people. So it’s no surprise that swing has become my favourite form of photography. There’s no limit to the pure joy that’s experienced by everyone in the room and at any time of the day and being able to capture this is a real privilege. Editing lots of photos can sometimes be a laboring task but with swing dancing, it’s like you’re reliving the wonderful night you had all over again the next morning.

Blue Monday Festival 2024, Porto
Save the Fast Dance 2024, Cambridge
Calpe Swing Fiesta 2023, Spain
Fine City Swing 2023, Norwich

Musicians / Bands

If you’ve read through this website and got this far then you know how much this means to me already. I bring a full professional lighting setup to be able to photograph most typical size bands altogether. If you are a large band, let me know and additional lighting can be brought in to accommodate.

Whether you’re enquiring for a wedding film, a Sound Engineer or Photographer; the philosophy is the same.