What can I say, other than I love to shoot weddings! A day where friends and family come together to celebrate a couple’s special day that they’ll cherish for the rest of their lives. It’s a very special feeling to be able to share that experience and spend a day capturing pure joy. Wedding videography is more than just using a camera and being able to edit it into a film. It’s about making people feel comfortable, whilst also seeming like you’re not there.

Musicians and Bands

Music is where my passion truly lies. Being a musician and playing instruments from a really young age this has always been a topic close to my heart, and something that just gives me that buzz and overwhelming feeling of this is where I’m meant to be when doing so. Not only do I know about the instruments, how to follow that feel for the music and what to look for, but I also know what it’s like to be on the other side of the camera.


Commercial videography is vital for any business to stand out and attract business. In a digital world on social media, tik tok and reels, this has had a massive effect on the attention span of consumers. My style with commercial video is to grab the viewer’s attention and retain it, keep their attention so they take in the information about your business while keeping it relevant and current. I feel it’s also important to remain with the core values of the business and to take time to understand their mission statement along with the style and creativity that suits them individually.

Whether you’re enquiring for a wedding film, a Sound Engineer or Photographer; the philosophy is the same.